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qualifying child

Is there an age limit on claiming my children as dependents?

in Individual Taxes by Madeline Delanni
Yes, age is a factor in the qualifying child test, but a qualifying relative can be any age. As long as the following IRS dependency exemption tests are met, you may claim him or her on your taxes: Qualifying child or qualifying relative test Dependent…
Internal Revenue Service Refund Check

Where is My Income Tax Refund?

O.K. so now you have e-filed your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) income tax return and are feeling pretty proud of yourself. But oh no. Oh @#$%! Where is your refund? The Fed claims to issue refunds in 10-12 days but it is now over two weeks and the dough…
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E-filing IRS personal taxes

e-Filing | Filing Your Taxes Online

In 2010, 72.3% of individuals submitting income tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service…