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How Do Tax Shelters Work?

in Individual Taxes by Jonah Sparks
Tax shelter. It sounds like a wonderful thing. Be honest, if you’re going to need shelter from things in this life, storms and taxes are probably near the top of your list. But what is a tax shelter and how does it work? A tax shelter is a type of investment…

The IRS and Forex Trading: A Complex and Uneasy Relationship

in Individual Taxes by Jonah Sparks
To many, the trading on the financial markets represents a distant and idealised dream. High volume markets such as the foreign exchange are particularly appealing to novice traders, primarily because of their margin based returns that can far outweigh an…

Federal Income Tax Calculators

Like death, taxes are unavoidable. With proper planning you can make things easier on…

Appealing an IRS Audit Result

in Audits
The IRS auditor sits with you and combs through all your files and receipts. They collect…
Dealing with the IRS/ Self Tax Preparation ?

Should You Hire a CPA to Prepare Your Tax Return?

It's time to get cracking on filing for income tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service…
E-filing IRS personal taxes

e-Filing | Filing Your Taxes Online

In 2010, 72.3% of individuals submitting income tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service…
IRS Home Office Small Business Tax Deductions

Top 10 Home/Small Business Tax Deductions

One of the major advantages of being self-employed or having your own home based business…

Avoiding Income Tax Phishing Scams

Anyone want to hear the latest on tax scams targeting seniors, working families,…